NYC TBC’s first book selection written by one of its members. Jack’s debut novel is a love story as well as an examination of the human side of technology.


Connor Vast designs fake computer interfaces. Not the ones you see in sci-fi movies or primetime crime dramas, though he’s worked on a couple of those in the past. The interfaces he designs tend to be static: they are the screens for prop computers in furniture showrooms. Young creative professional, child of the internet, refugee of the suburban Midwest, Connor goes about his life and work in New York City with a stream of status updates flowing constantly in the background. He meets K, a gamine twenty-four-year-old who doesn’t own a cellphone. As he gets to know her, Connor realizes he’s strayed from his younger ambitions of designing real interfaces, working on real technology. He soon falls in with a group of entrepreneurs out to invent the future, but it’s the same future K is so adamantly against.

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